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Top of first column verso  

This is a presentation of the genealogies in the 1467 manuscript so that you can see the actual manuscript and know exactly what is in it as there is a lot of confusion about what is actually in the 1467 manuscript and what is not. You can read about the history of the manuscript here. We are only interested in the first folio, which contains the genealogies.

We make no attempt to identify any of the people or put them in a historical context. We will be putting some comparative transcripts from other manuscripts (where they exist) on this site, but the main thing is to show the 1467 manuscript as is. Much of the recto side is impossible to read so many of the kindreds are incomplete. Some of the readings are not clearly visible or are speculative, and these have been shown in red. You can read the manuscript yourself and see if you agree.

We have put a page (“How to”) showing how the contractions work so that you can read the manuscript for yourself. The expanded contractions are italicised on the full transcipt pages. Verso full transcript HERE and Recto full transcript here

There is a “map” showing where each kindred is on the manuscript and if you click on a kindred on the map you will be brought to the detail of that kindred. You can navigate to any part of the site from the “site navigation” page in the menu above, which appears on each page.

There is a page for each kindred on the ‘map’. There is a transcript with translation for each kindred, and sometimes a rough tracing to help you to read the original.

On the kindred pages we have used scans of black and white photos which were taken in the early 1970s under ultra-violet light. These are often clearer than the recent colour scans, although in some cases (especially on the recto side, column a and in the blue stained areas) you will find better visibility in the colour scan. There are scans of the complete manuscript in colour and in black and white.

We wish to thank the Trustees of the National Library of Scotland for permission to reproduce the manuscript. We would also like to thank Ulrike Hogg of the National Library of Scotland for her co-operation.

If anything is not working on the site please let us know.

Máire and Ronnie Black

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  The verso side of the manuscript
loverso3 verso
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